Treatment of addictions – Victoria Program

Tratamiento adicciones

The Victoria Program is an original addiction treatment method that consists of a ten-day therapeutic course with a maximum of eight participants.

We have a team of professionals, doctors, psychologists and specialized therapists led by Bernardo Ruiz Victoria.

Since 1984, with years of study and experience, we have developed a unique and original therapeutic method that provides new solutions to the problem of addiction.

Objectives of our treatment to combat addictions

The patients reside in a hotel – spa specially chosen to provide a pleasant environment of peace and tranquility, thus achieving maximum concentration and guaranteeing at the same time confidentiality and discretion.

Our treatment of medical and psychological addictions to stop drinking alcohol and consume other addictive substances will help you:

  • Understand the reason for your problem.
  • Learning to manage anxiety, depression.
  • Recover self-esteem and emotional well-being.
  • Learn to overcome situations of relapse risk.
  • Free yourself from dependence on alcohol and other drugs.
  • Learn to live without addictions.

Senator Banús Spa Hotel

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Senator Banús Spa Hotel


  • 10 Noches de alojamiento en habitación doble y pensión completa
  • Servicio de albornoz y zapatillas
  • 10 Días de sesiones terapéuticas
  • 9 Circuitos termales y gimnasio



We offer you the service of a therapeutic hotel with programmes for a range of conditions and all the elements needed to offer you a top-quality, highly distinctive and exclusive service.

Senator Banús Spa Hotel

Urb. Benamara, Crta N-340 KM 168
29688 Estepona (Costal del Sol)

Tlf: (+34) 951 05 55 00

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