Treatment for psoriasis


Psoriasis is a condition caused by an imbalance in the growth of epithelial cells, which ends up producing typical lesions on the skin

All those who suffer from it know that the external manifestation on the skin varies according to their general condition and even according to certain specific dietary, environmental or emotional factors.

Programmes to treat psoriasis

During your stay we offer you the possibility of treating your condition both from the outside and from the inside.

We combine bathing therapies in our therapeutic pool of hypersaline water, application of mud from the Mar Menor, skin peeling, hydration and conventional dermatological techniques that improve psoriasis, together with applying massages, diet and drainage techniques. All this, put together, provides a truly comprehensive approach enabling you to obtain the best overall results, which could not be achieved using partial therapeutic methods.

The application of mud from the Mar Menor is a tradition that was already practised and highly valued in cultures such as Greece and Rome. The special features and composition of the peloids make them very valuable for treating psoriasis, much more so than other types of mud applied in other spa areas around the world.


We offer you the service of a therapeutic hotel with programmes for a range of conditions and all the elements needed to offer you a top-quality, highly distinctive and exclusive service.

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