Treatment for Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease characterised by all-over bone and muscle pain, with extreme hypersensitivity in many areas of the body.

More and more people, unfortunately, are suffering from this condition. In most cases the therapeutic options available to them tend to be medications that try to relieve their physical or mental symptoms.

Programmes to treat fibromyalgia

However, in our facilities we offer you a comprehensive therapeutic alternative that makes it possible to achieve an improvement not just during your stay but also afterwards, with effects sustained over time.

People with fibromyalgia will find a programme of activities that ranges from a psychological and emotional approach to dietary and lifestyle reeducation and includes detoxification and hydrotherapy, and above all the Holistic Water Therapy technique, in which therapeutic massage is applied in hypersaline water.

What we do is not just apply therapies but enable you to experience a new comprehensive approach that will help you consistently in the longer term.


We offer you the service of a therapeutic hotel with programmes for a range of conditions and all the elements needed to offer you a top-quality, highly distinctive and exclusive service.

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