Treatment for cardiovascular disease


Heart conditions are one of biggest health problems of our time. The narrowing of the blood vessels of the heart, leaving part of its tissue with an insufficient blood supply, is one of the main causes of death in our society. However, new therapeutic and diagnostic techniques and preventive measures are greatly improving this situation.

Programmes to treat heart disease

To supplement these treatment options, we offer all those who have suffered a cardiological event, or are at risk of doing so, a complete health re-education programme to prevent future incidents, become aware of the measures that can be taken, learn and practise these healthy precautions, and finally, try to bring their body in general to an excellent state of vitality and level of health for the future.

You will find a programme applied by psychologists, doctors, nutritionists and physiotherapists, who will take a holistic and individualised approach to your health. You will be given massage, hydrotherapy, detoxification, a specific diet and exercise, all in an ideal environment for rest and relaxation which will put you in optimum condition to follow the whole programme so as to obtain the best results during your stay and afterwards.


We offer you the service of a therapeutic hotel with programmes for a range of conditions and all the elements needed to offer you a top-quality, highly distinctive and exclusive service.

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