Treatment for allergies


It is becoming increasingly unusual to find people that do not suffer to a greater or lesser degree from some kind of allergy. Sometimes it is just a minor discomfort in the spring or at odd moments, but sometimes it can be something more serious that forces you to take continuous medication, changes your way of life or even makes you unable to do certain activities.

What happens in allergic reactions is that our immune system responds in an anomalous or exaggerated way to stimuli that ought to be harmless.

Programmes to combat allergies

Those who suffer from them know that their only therapeutic options are drugs to counteract the symptoms when they arise, scheduled daily treatments to prevent attacks or vaccination with the allergens for long periods of time.

In our programme we offer you another possibility, which can make your symptoms more tolerable, minimise them or even cause them to disappear.

During your stay you will undergo an examination by neuromuscular testing to assess your individual response to certain foods, follow a specific diet and join a drainage and detoxification program aimed at releasing the immune system from having to be permanently on excessive alert, creating the conditions for you to respond appropriately to ordinary external stimuli rather than suffering the exaggerated response that causes the symptoms.


We offer you the service of a therapeutic hotel with programmes for a range of conditions and all the elements needed to offer you a top-quality, highly distinctive and exclusive service.

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